Ocean Container Specs 1

We have NEW and USED storage containers available nationwide!  Sizes include 20′, 40′ and 45′ as standard, open top or high cube.  We also have 53’ HC domestic boxes and some flat-racks. With many yards around the country we can expediate delivery and minimize trucking charges. Roll off and crane unloading available in some locations.

Containers are available in:

STORAGE Grade: Wind and water tight, making them perfect for your outdoor storage needs. No need to spend the money on additional permanent storage when you can add a safe, dry and secure ocean container for a fraction of the cost. 

CARGO WORTHY Grade: Certification available for international steamship and rail road use. We can load, block and brace your material for shipment as well.

NEW: Used one time to bring to the US.

CUSTOM MODIFICATION: Add doors, windows, internal framing, etc.

Red container and carton boxes on a pallet

Store anything from cartons to machinery.  You can use a pallet jack or forklift inside the container if needed.

3D rendering container

Multiple container sizes allow you customize to best suit your needs.

Container for transport of cargo and freight

Secure and lockable you can store the container outside or in.  The loaded container can be moved if you desire.


Customize with windows, doors and even air conditioning if you need additional office space.  Worksite offices are easily set up and moved from site to site with a flatbed.