April 5, 2024

Celebrating 50 Years!

Ours is a story of family.  Dominick Cocciemiglio Sr., and his wife, Carol, incorporated D/C Export and Domestic Packing on April 1, 1974.  Dominick had spent years learning the industrial packing and crating business with a New York based company operating in Chicago.  However, when he realized that advancement was all but impossible, he set out to forge his own path.  This was not something to be taken lightly with a young family of a wife, daughter and two sons.

The first warehouse, located in Bensenville, IL, was not much larger than a two-car garage.  But it was enough to hang a shingle and begin doing the work Dominick Sr. enjoyed. In fact, the company’s first saw came from Sears and was picked up in the back of a 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville borrowed from Carol’s father!  Dominick Sr. made sales calls, built and packed crates and made small deliveries.  His wife Carol scheduled sales appointments, answered phones and handled all the other daily office work. Teenage son Dominick Jr. helped after school and on weekends.  The first two non-family employees were Italian immigrants hired by Dominick Sr. after enough steady business was acquired.  Day after day, month after month, they grew the business.  When the economy turned south in the mid 1970’s they tightened their belts, prayed and persevered. 

Dominick Jr. was a constant presence as he worked his way through school. He became a full-time employee after college in 1979.  A warehouse in Wood Dale, IL was added, and John started working for the company as soon as he graduated high school in 1981.  As the 1980’s progressed, Dominick Sr.’s work ethic and family-mindedness attracted employees as well as customers.  Chicago, having one of the largest Polish populations outside of Warsaw, was an artery of like-mined, hardworking and loyal employees.  Those employees became family too. 

The company continued to grow into the 1990’s.  It seemed the perfect time to branch into a new service, trucking. Large cargo had to be moved to and from D/C Export by third party carriers.  As good as some of those carriers were, and are, it seemed obvious that the company could better control the process if it had its own trucks and dispatchers.  From that idea, D/C Transport was incorporated in 1991.  Dominick Sr. and the family now had a true turn-key operation to pick up, pack and deliver cargo.  It became such a popular offering that today, D/C Transport operates asset-based trucking, intermodal container drayage and freight brokerage divisions.  

The company grew further with son-in-law Paul, husband of daughter Mary, joining the family business in 1992.  A recession in the early 1990’s didn’t stop the company from adding a new facility in Elk Grove Village. Ironically, the new facility was built for the very same company for which Dominick Sr. had worked, and hit the advancement ceiling, twenty years prior. The new warehouse was immediately expanded with a 23,000 square foot addition including a twenty-five-ton overhead crane with twenty-eight feet under hook.   D/C Export now had unmatched capacity to receive and load-out cargo of all weights and dimensions.  Additionally, the company added a proprietary SQL software program specifically designed to efficiently integrate the quoting, receiving, packing and shipping activities.  Designed and written in-house it’s unique in the industry.

Facility in Elk Grove Village, IL

As the decade closed, Dom Sr. and Carol turned their thoughts to slowing down. The company was prosperous and stable. In fact, the company celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1999. It should have been a year of joy.  However, in November Dominick Sr. was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  Unexpected and overwhelming, the news rocked family and employees alike.  Dominick fought, as he always had, and the family remained hopeful.  But nothing could be done.  Dominick Cocciemiglio Sr. passed from this life in June of 2000.  He left a legacy of family, work and faith in God that guides the company to this day.

Time passed and the three boys, dedicated to the company, united to take over operations. Dominick Jr., John and Paul, set their sights on growth. Carol reduced her hours but continued to be a steady voice in decisions until finally retiring in 2015. Prior to retiring, Adele, Dominick Jr.’s wife, came on board to assist Carol. She eventually became an integral part of D/C Transport and human resources. 

A well-timed opportunity for expansion to South Carolina presented itself in 2002.  Seeing the movement of manufacturing, specifically automotive manufacturing, it seemed a perfect fit.  The family again took a leap of faith and opened a new facility in Duncan, SC in January 2003.  With a commitment to growth, investment and hard work, a warehouse three times the size of the Duncan warehouse was purchased in 2015.  Located in Greer, SC that facility continues to serve the Carolinas and surrounding states with the same values held at the home office in Illinois.

The new century saw D/C Transport and D/C Export grow in other ways as well.   Additional equipment yards and partner facilities at strategic locations were added.  Servicing all major ports throughout the United States was now a reality.   A new generation of family also became a permanent part of the company.   Dominick Jr.’s son took on full-time responsibility at D/C Transport working alongside his father and uncles. 

Fifty years is a milestone of which we are very proud. We look forward to the next fifty and the surprises they hold.  From our founder Dominick Cocciemiglio Sr., our success is rooted in family, hard work and faith.  We are truly grateful for the fantastic customers, dedicated employees and blessings from God to persevere all these years. 

Through the years…