April 3, 2023

What are the requirements for ISPM 15 crates?

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15).  This standard was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) to prevent the spread of insects and disease between countries.  Non-native insects and disease cause great harm to ecosystems.  The standard requires heat treating or fumigation, mill auditing, and special stamps to signify compliance.

Do you make custom crates?

Yes, we do! A custom crate provides better protection for your unique/valuable items while they are in transit. Crates that are customized to fit the unique product protect the item better and provide a best fit regarding dimensions and load specifications.

Can you provide pickup and delivery of our equipment being crated at your facility?

Yes!  Our transportation division will pick up your equipment and deliver it to any one of our facilities for crating. Once crated we can provide intermodal services or over the road delivery in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

Do you do on-site crating?

Yes! When shipping to our warehouse for packing is not possible, we can come to you!

Plant moves, high value commodities or very large physical size are some of the reasons it may be necessary for The D/C Group to pack on-site instead of the shipper sending the commodity to us.  That’s no problem.  We have years of experience and the proper equipment for working on-site.  We will ask the necessary questions, possibly do a site survey, and then schedule your work.

Do you make reusable crates?

Yes, we do! This is especially helpful when you have a unique piece that needs to be shipped more than once.

Do you provide heat shrink wrapping?

Absolutely. Heat shrink wrapping is another way we create custom protection for your goods.

Can you pack and move hazardous materials?

We do pack a very limited number of hazardous materials.  Please contact us for details.  We are not a hazardous materials carrier.

Do you have more than one location in the United States?

Yes, we do! We have service locations all over the country. You can view these locations on the service locations tab on our About Us page.

Can you pack equipment at my facility, or do I need to ship to you?

We can pack onsite throughout the United States.  Sending the equipment to our facility is usually preferred.  However, for plant moves, projects, out of gauge or other special situations it may be better for our associates to work at your facility.  Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Do you have TSA and TWIC drivers?

Yes.  We have drivers that are TSA and/or TWIC approved so we can enter ocean ports and airports as needed.

How do I know when vacuum packing is required?

Vacuum packing, or vapor barrier packing, is used to protect sensitive electronics and metals from harsh environments. Salty ocean air is notorious for quickly damaging metals and electronics.   Air freight and inland freight moves in a much less caustic environment and most often needs less protection.  Please contact us and we can guide you to the correct preservation method.

Do you pack and move household goods for private individuals?

No. We are an industrial packing company.

Do you have bonded warehouses?

Yes.  Please contact us for a list of our bonded facilities.

If I need services in different states, do I need to contact those offices directly?

No.  You only need speak with our Elk Grove Village, IL or Greer, SC office and we will provide a single point of contact.

Why should I use The D/C Group instead of packing my equipment myself?

We have been professionally packing and crating all types of commodities since 1974.  All that experience will save you time (money) because understand the rigors of air travel, over the road trucking, ocean freight, cross docking and so on.  We will ask the right questions, use the right materials, build the right packaging, and supply the right documentation as standard practice.  You don’t have to guess at the correct way.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly!

Email: RFQ@dcexport.com | Call: (800) 985-7225