March 20, 2023

The Motion of the Ocean

I once heard a comedian say that when on a ship during rough seas, you can tell that someone just came from the bar if he is walking in a straight line while everyone else is wandering from side to side. If you’ve ever been on a ship of any sort, chances are you noticed the unique movements of the vessel with the waves.

The ocean causes some serious movement on a ship. In fact, there are technical terms to describe the different types of ship movement the ocean causes. Check out this graphic.

As you can see in the illustration above, ocean containers on cargo ships can be tossed all over when the ocean decides to ebb and flow. So how do companies keep their goods from flying around and getting damaged before reaching their destination? (Hint: They find the best packing and crating company!)

The Importance of Proper Blocking and Bracing

The wiser companies will find a reliable packing and crating company to help protect their goods on the high seas (or anywhere else, really). Quality packaging means there are layers of protections put in place to keep cargo from moving left to right, forward, and backward, up, and down – in the crate AND in the container. Cargo must be properly packed within the crate with suitable blocking and bracing; and the crate must be properly packed within the ocean container. If each of these protective layers is not in place, you risk your cargo shifting, and potentially going through the crate and even the ocean container.

Here are some pictures of cargo that was not properly blocked, braced, and packed (yikes!)

And here are pictures of properly blocked, braced, and packed cargo (by yours truly)

D/C Export & Packaging Is Here to Help!

It’s obvious that correct packing and crating is imperative to protect goods in transit.  If you are looking for a reliable company to pack and crate your goods for transport by truck, ocean, or air, D/C has got you covered. With close to 50 years in the industry, D/C is a trustworthy partner in packing and crating. We specialize in those tough jobs that other companies don’t want to take on. Simply said, we like a challenge. We offer nationwide services and on-site packing! That’s right, we’ll come to YOU.

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