January 3, 2023
  1. Custom crates provide better protection for your unique/valuable items while they are in transit. Custom crates fit the unique product will protect the item better and provide a best fit for dimensions and load specifications.
  2. Custom crates can offer you the advantage of saving warehouse space.
  3. Air freight must be crated. Custom crates can help lower the shipment’s liability and cut down on shipping costs associated with extra size or weight.
  4. Custom crates are reusable. Oftentimes, an item is shipped back and forth multiple times. A custom crate can be used each time the item is shipped.
  5. Custom crates allow us to comply with different regulations for specific types of equipment being shipped.

Why is D/C Export different from the rest?

The biggest way D/C Export is different from the rest is the knowledge and longevity of their employees. Many of their employees have been with them for 20+ years. That’s a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge of the business! The employees in charge of crating your items know their jobs inside and out. Whether it’s determining the best way to protect your valuables or knowing the dimensions of trucks and containers – D/C Export has got you covered.